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Geba’s Project Management services are the backbone on which we have built our business. Our in-house focused contracting team has delivered hundreds of successful projects via the traditional bid-build method. From working with architects and designers on initial concept, final design and drawings, to securing permits, to the day-to-day management of work happening on-site, we have the skills, experience, equipment, and financial backing to complete any project on schedule and on budget.



Increasingly clients are opting for our “managed services” method of construction. Under this partnership, Geba Interiors takes responsibility for providing the complete project management portfolio as it relates to steel framing, drywall installation and finishing, and acoustical ceiling implementation, as well as managing the overall project scope by leveraging existing relationships in other trades.

We are able to provide a single source of accountability, contract and contact for the entire project. Improved communications and goodwill is achieved as one team sees the project through to completion. Increased quality control is present through earlier identification and elimination of design errors or omissions. Finally, reduced timelines and costs are a reality, as there is no need for the bid-each-trade process or waiting until the design is complete to begin construction.

When the project is complete, our management team will work through any warranty, settling, or other issues you may have, leveraging the same quality of materials and workmanship for any required repairs or warranty claims as was used to complete the project initially.


By managing a larger scope of the overall project, accountability lies in the professional hands of Geba. This means fewer hand-offs and greater consistency of workmanship and material quality.

Informed Experience

Project management should not occur behind the scenes. While clients should be sheltered from the day-to-day encounters as to minimize stress, they should still be informed on progress at all times. Geba Interiors provides regular budget and schedule reporting to our clients to ensure they are in the know, and that any necessary adjustments to either are made collaboratively and proactively, rather than re-actively. That’s the Geba difference.

Schedule, Scope & Resources

Most people are familiar with the Schedule, Scope and Resources pyramid. While gaining in one usually means sacrificing the other, Geba’s priorities are clear. And they are how we drive each project management effort. Our quotes are always guaranteed as long as the project scope doesn’t change. Any incidentals are clear and expected, so that our clients can manage any project overages. If schedule is of greatest importance, Geba can explain the realistic scope of the project early so that there are no surprises. Finally, quality is never sacrificed. If we can’t do the job right, we won’t sign up for it at all. That’s a promise!