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Properly installed drywall is crucial, but working with boards, cuts, screws and framing peculiarities can make it an imperfect process. It’s the mudding and taping process that makes the imperfect, perfect. Geba Interiors prides itself on having over 50 years of experience on jobs big and small, simple and complex and delivering a quality finished product ready for primer and paint. This is a trade of skill and talent, and we are loaded with both!



At Geba Interiors, we know the wall finishing process should not be rushed. We apply several coats of mudding where required, and take our time to ensure the end result is of the highest quality.

Different kinds of mud can be used on different coats. The base mud coat usually employs a high coverage mud, meant to fill gaps, screw holes, corners, etc. Future coats are focused on achieving the smoothest finish possible. As such, a higher quality mud is used which is easier to smooth out, fills smaller gaps better than large ones, and has an overall consistency that achieves the best final look possible.


Tap, Mud, Sand, Repeat. Until it’s perfect. Painters love us for a reason!

Paint Ready

Getting that first coat of paint on a new wall is satisfaction. We can recommend trusted painting contractors in Calgary that we’ve worked with many times in the past, to ensure that your paint job is as good as your drywall job!

Finished Product

The end result is a beautifully finished space. Regardless of paint finish used, the walls appear smooth, seams completely hidden, corners straight (or rounded, whichever you prefer), and overall feeling of quality when you step into the room. That’s what’s achieved when you use Geba Interiors for your Mudding & Taping project.